Software services

Web and information solutions

We provide a service solution from concept to maintenance. We use agile development methods - an updated version will always be testable and tested throughout the development. We pay special attention to security. We publish the service on your behalf, or help with the publication to its target environment. We further develop, maintain and offer support throughout the application lifecycle.
Examples of tailored web software that we have developed include:
- Remote management and control of energy management system
- Management and control of Fish farming system
- Transport erp and control system

Embedded systems

Our main areas of expertise are Linux based systems. In particular, we have extensive experience with IoT (Internet of things) service developement, using secure solutions. IoT services that we have developed include:
- Remote management and control of energy management system
- Transport stock GPS tracking for logistics erp system
- Printing press automation alarms remote use
- New features and changes to glass refining technology operation control system

Mobile applications

We implement mobile applications and HTML based browser services for use in iOS and Android smartphone platforms. We can undertake a variety of tasks, from quick evalutions to long term cooperations. In addition to the technical implementation, we can help to refine your ideas and also help in processing the usability design. We have built, for example, mobile applications that are sold in App Store, as well as a KNX-based building automation system that works in iPhone.

Cloud services

We customize our cloud service solutions to ensure security during the entire service life cycle.

IoT services

We are highly experienced working with IoT, and in the development of secure communications between devices.

Software outsourcing

We offer software subcontracting services according to your needs. We can work independently on a project according to customer's specifications. Alternatively, we can offer professional and skilled employees for product development projects as part of your project team. We can perform assignments either in our own or in your premises, according to your preference.

We have a wide range of technologies and tools at our disposal for our various projects. Our team professionally tailors projects according to your needs. Contact us to design your ultimate solution and implementation!